Cassette AC System

Cassette Air-Conditioning

Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning units are a unique type of split system air conditioner that combines compact and streamlined design with powerful air conditioning. The compact design is perfect for people with roofs that don’t have room for an entire ducted system. The cassette air conditioner takes up no floor or wall space, making it completely unobtrusive. These units aren’t mounted on the ceiling, though. They are recessed into it completely seamlessly for those with a very particular home design in mind.

If you want to draw attention away from your air conditioner, then the ceiling-mounted cassette air con is for you. It takes up no floor or wall space, so it’s visually unobtrusive. However, the powerful design allows it to silently circulate air throughout your room, making it perfect for bedrooms, home theatres, offices or home studios.

Some of the many benefits of ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioners include the following:

Compact design which is perfect for homes with less floor or wall space.
Quicker and easier installation than full, ducted air conditioning.
Cools bigger areas quickly, with its four-way vent design.
Easy to clean, with simple filters that don’t require lots of effort to remove.
Incredibly quiet, perfect for bedrooms and offices.


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