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Installing your new machine system is just the beginning. We care about our customers, which is why we offer ongoing services and maintenance to keep your air conditioner working at its best.

We’ll arrange regular appointments at convenient times to inspect, clean and service your whole high tech system. Our experienced technicians will make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency and catch any problems when they’re easy to fix before they become more serious.

If you have a problem with your system, contact us for air conditioner services and other listed product emergency repairs.

Professional Technician

For more complex or potentially hazardous tasks, you need to call in the experts. Some air conditioning services can only be carried out by an experienced and professional technician.

Getting your units checked out by professionals saves you money in the long term. When your air conditioner’s operating at peak efficiency, you’ll enjoy lower electricity bills and the components will last longer, so you won’t have to replace the system before its time. Our protection plans are more beneficial and money savers.

Types of AMC Plan

Comprehensive AMC
Non-Comprehensive AMC