Air Conditioning System
Power Back-up System
CCTV Security System

Troubles with your air conditioning are a major inconvenience to you and your family or if it is for commercial use then the organisation. You rely on your air conditioner for comfort, so when something goes wrong, fast and reliable repairs are a must.

Here at I-Miks, we take pride in delivering quick and affordable repair service for your High-end product. Our technicians provide high-quality repairs for all brands and types of Elevator units.

As one of the leading service providers, we understand the importance of service and support. Our dedication to quality workmanship means we never compromise on quality, ensuring you get the very most out of your air conditioning unit.

Professional Technician

For more complex or potentially hazardous tasks, you need to call in the experts for Power backup systems, Batteries, and Solar energy. Some high-tech product services can only be carried out by an experienced and professional technician.

Getting your units checked out by professionals saves you money in the long term. When your hvac is operating at peak efficiency, you’ll enjoy lower electricity bills and the components will last longer, so you won’t have to replace the system before its time.